Friday, March 2, 2018

Alpha System Rubber Roofing Class A Customs Elkhart IN

  • The SUPERFLEX roofing system is the most sate-of-the-art membrane roof system on the market today.
  • SUPERFLEX roofing membrane is used in conjunction with Alpha's water based adhesive and solvent based sealants, having been specifically engineered to provide premium performance and flexibility for the demanding roof designs of today's RV.
  • SUPERFLEX is a single-ply membrane that is approximately half of the weight of EPDM
  • SUPERFLEX will not chalk, fade, or leave streaks down the side of your RV
  • SUPERFLEX has brilliant UV performance and is resistant to mold, algae, and fungus
  • Better puncture resistance than EPDM
  • Non-skid surface for better traction


  • Length Order by Foot - Item Shipped Folded
  • 8'6" width
  • .028 Thick
  • .165 lbs/sq feet compared to EPDM at .29 lbs/sq foot
  • Install with smooth side down, facing glue.
  • Glue and Adhesives sold separately.

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