Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WFCO Artis Water Pump Model # PDS1-130-1240E classAcustoms

Pump Features & Specifications:

  • WFCO Artis Water Pump Model # PDS1-130-1240E
  • NSF Approved Materials
  • 12 volt: You can not put this in a house or plug into a wall - 110/115/220 volt will damage the unit.
  • 4.0 Amp Draw @ 10 PSI
  • 7.0 Amp Draw @ 30 PSI
  • Open Flow: 3.0 GPM
  • Shut Off: 40 PSI
  • Self-Priming
  • Dry Running - Pump able to run dry without damage
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Low Noise
  • Sealed Motor
  • Patented diaphragm
  • Four-chamber
  • Self-priming to 6 feet suction
  • Pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically (mount pump head down). Do NOT over-tighten screws.
  • Pump should be on a dedicated (individual) circuit protected by the specified fuse on indicated on the motor label.
  • Use 14-gauge standard wire up-to 20 feet or 12-gauge up to 50 feet from power source.
  • Use a 10-15 amp rated on/off switch on the positive red motor lead wire.
  • Motor: Permanent Magnet, totally sealed, enclosed ball bearing and thermal protection.
  • Water Lines should be 1/2" I.D. (13mm) Flexible hose (preferably braided or reinforced) for main lines - Pump has threaded connections.
  • Dimensions: 7.65" L x 3.29" W x 4.35" H
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • YOU MUST USE A STRAINER FOR WARRANTY TO BE VALID - These pumps are for fresh water not pond, lake or sea water.

  • Strainer Features & Specifications:

  • 30 mesh stainless steel screen
  • The water filter has 1/2 inch barb fitting on input side and 1/2 inch female pipe threads on the output side.
  • Protects your pump from debris which causes premature failure of your water pump

  • The water filter is installed on the input side of the water pump.

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    Tuesday, May 16, 2017

    Atwood Mobile Products 52373 Wedgewood Black 17" Piezo Oven Range 3 Burner RV-1735BG P X 2 classAcustoms

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    Stainless Steel Option

    Black Available
    • These are close out items - we will only have a limited amount.
    • Wedgewood Open Burner
    • LP Gas
    • 17" Model
    • Surface Color: Black
    • Door Color Type: Black
    • 3 Open Burners
    • Rolled Metal Grate
    • Piezo Ignition - This is an upgrade on this model.
    • Gas Extension Connection - This is an upgrade on this model.
    • Atwood and Wedgewood 3-burner ranges feature one 9,000 BTU burner and two 6,500 BTU burners. The upscale line of Atwood ranges also boasts sealed burners and a residential style stamped grate.
    • Atwood ranges feature the control panel with an indentation on each side, eliminating the need to notch the cabinet top.
    • Have the installer or dealer show you where the main gas shut off valve is located so that you will know how and where to turn off the gas supply when necessary.
    • Do Not use cooking appliance for space heating. lt is a potential danger to occupants of vehicle and damage to operating components of the range/cooktop.
    • A window or air vent should be open slightly while using any cooking appliance. Gas flames consume oxygen which must be replaced to assure proper combustion.
    • Shut off all gas appliances and pilot lights when refueling gasoline tanks, LP tanks or when vehicle is in motion
    • Note: In most cases, dimensions are rounded to 1/8”. Drawings and dimensions subject to change without notice.

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    Monday, May 15, 2017

    ON SALE 1 Quart Rubber Roof Coating Heng's 46032 classAcustoms

    100% Acrylic Latex Polymer
    COLOR White
    COVERAGE up-to 200 sq. feet of surface area per gallon* (Your Unit Feet Length x Feet Height = Feet Squared)
    APPLICATION Can be applied over galvanized steel, bituminous built-up roofs( BUR's), concrete, wood polyurethane foam and asphalt roof shingles or whatever a flexible, durable and long lasting protection is needed. Can be applied by brush, roller, or spray applicator. Equipment cleans easily with water (must be cleaned before coating hardens)
    DESIGNED for elastomeric roof mastic and provides an excellent weatherproofing barrier against wind, rain, snow and sand.
    RESISTS cracking and chipping due to it's low temp flexibility.
    RESISTS UV rays and will expand/contract with the roof base.
    REDUCES temperature, thereby reducing air conditioning costs.
    This product complies with the California Clean Air Act.

    SURFACE PREPARATION It is extremely important to get the roof clean and dry. First remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves and other debris from the roof using broom or air broomer, then inspect the entire surface for any open seams, tears, cuts, etc. Repair these flaws so water is not blown in under membrane during the cleaning process. Pressure wash roof with water and allow to dry completely. DO NOT APPLY this coating at temperatures below 50deg F (10deg C), in high humidity or potential heavy dew conditions.
    Biological Control: Areas of algae, mildew or fungus on the roof membrane or the existing coating
    should be treated with a solution of 1 part household bleach and 3 parts water, followed by a power washer rinse using clear water. 
    DRY TIME 1 1/2 hours drying time. 4 hours for second coat. and 24 hours to cure.
    DO NOT Allow this item to Freeze in the container
    This product complies with the California Clean Air Act.

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    Friday, May 5, 2017

    Heng's JRP2160R-C Jensen Style Metal RV Roof Vent Crank Handle Hardware classAcustoms

    • Heng's JRP2160R-C
    • Metal Crank Handle for Heng's Standard RV Roof Vent
    • Screw section 1" x Handle 1" x Overall side-to-side 2" See Photos

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