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Great Plains Industries Fuel Transfer Pump w SWITCH GPI EZ-8 RVS Class A Customs classacustoms

****If you need the switch on the pump you need the EZ8RVS****

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  • Great Plains Industries, INC EZ-8RV Fuel Pump
  • No mounting bracket
  • This pump is not intended to be used with an automatic nozzle.
  • This pump is designed for use only with gasoline (up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15), diesel fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20) and kerosene.
  • DO NOT use this pump for dispensing any fluids other than those for which it was designed. To do so may damage pump components and will void the warranty.
  • Designed to operate on a typical 12-volt DC automotive electrical system.
  • This pump is designed to self-prime with dry gears.
  • You can wire a switch on the power line, but there is no switch on this model of pump.


  • Do not leave the system running without fluid.
  • "Dry running" can damage the pump. If the system fails to deliver fuel after 15 to 20 seconds, turn the system off and refer to the Troubleshooting Section in manual.
  • Do not pump the tank completely dry, as contaminants from the bottom of the tank may enter the pump.
  • Excessive motor heat can trip the device. It resets automatically after the motor has cooled.
  • Make sure all threaded fuel connections are wrapped with three to four turns of Teflon tape or pipe thread sealant approved for use with petroleum fuels.
  • Clean the tank interior of all dirt and debris. Make sure the tank is vented. A vent cap rated at 3 psi or less is recommended.
  • Suction line design and size is important for optimum pump performance. GPI requires suction line to be 3/8" minimum diameter.
  • Pump must be mounted within the clearance lines of the vehicle and ptorected from road impact damage.
  • A grounding connection is provided. It is identified as a green colored binding head screw in the electrical cavity. Connect these pumps only to a 12- volt DC power supply. DO NOT attempt connection to a 24-volt DC, 115-volt AC or 230 volt AC power source.
  • For installation in unclassified ares a flexible power cord, fuse and strain relief grip should be used.
  • NOTE:These components have NOT been evaluated as part of the UL Listed Equipment and are not intended for use in a Hazardous (Classified) Location.

FAQ's & Installation Information:

  • Have a certified technician install all parts to prevent product damage and personal injury.
  • PLEASE research before purchasing to be sure this item is what you need.
  • Please see photos for complete measurements and compare with your application.
  • No retail box as these are purchased in bulk, no install instructions as they are OEM parts.

****If you need the switch on the pump you need the EZ8RVS****
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